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Through creative, data-driven, low-cost growth hacking strategies and rapid experimentation, we research, measure and identify data that will draw in your customers - like a magnet on your refrigerator.

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Growth plan

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Tell us about your startup, vision, challenges and goals. We'll do our homework and come back to you with a growth plan.

Growth design

You love your custom growth plan. We get to work - pull out our workstation, whip up our tools and get crackin'.


You get front-row seats to watch your startup grow. We'll measure, analyse, improve and iterate for you.

Gufy's guide to growth

Ready. Set. Grow!

We validate your idea against the target market and bring you your first customers. An idea will still be only an idea without customers.


We help you test the waters and bring in more customers. Trust us, no one wants a product/service that’s made for everyone.


We optimise your entire marketing funnel. Data-driven, cost-effective growth experiments to consistently reach more customers.

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Case studies

Reduced cost of acquisition by 70% and improved ROI by 33%

Through rapid experimentation and hypothesis testing, we were able to lower the cost of acquisition and gather valuable insights into target audience behaviour.

120 early-access signups before app’s market release

By utilising a lean approach for validation, we kickstarted MyGigster's growth by deploying multi-channel market validation growth strategies.


We are a startup, we understand.

Growth should not be complicated

Let's make it easy

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We are a startup, we understand.

Growth should not be complicated.
Let's make it easy.

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