KOBA Insurance

"Loved working with Suren.  He’s a great young talent who understand the science and dark arts behind search and social ads"

- Andrew Wong | Founder, KOBA Insurance


Surendhar (Growth Strategist) and Rithika Perumal (Human-Centred Designer)
Growth Hacking

Reduced cost of acquisition by 70% and improved ROI by 33%

Through rapid experimentation and hypothesis testing, we were able to lower the cost of acquisition and gather valuable insights into target audience behaviour.

KOBA is one of Australia's first pay-per-km car insurer. KOBA Insurance recently won the Excellence in Insurtech award in 2022.

The Challenge

KOBA's innovative product had already proven its market-fit in its early stages, however Andrew, founder of KOBA and a seasoned marketer, recognised the need to escalate their marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. With the goal of reducing the cost of acquisition and taking the business to new heights, Andrew approached Gufy to growth hack the marketing funnel and turbocharge KOBA's success.

  • Navigating a highly competitive market
  • Building brand recognition
  • Identifying and engaging the ideal customer base
  • Facing limited data and insights on the insurance industry.

Gufy’s Growth Strategy

Key objectives:

  • Lower cost of acquisition
  • Find scalable marketing strategies
  • Improve the conversion rate 
  • Refine the target audience 


  • Refining KOBA’s value proposition through our comprehensive Growth Workshop
  • User research to identify cohorts of target users through Growth Profiling 
  • Data-driven hypothesis testing informed by existing data to guide the experimentation process
  • Enabling user journey mapping through use of behavioural psychology and design principles 
  • Launched effective and bold experiments across multiple channels to validate our findings and drive growth
  • Designed assets that resonated with the target audience, boosting brand awareness and driving conversions
  • Continuous optimisation of the marketing funnels to deliver maximum impact, achieve higher conversions and lower the cost of acquisition
  • Created a robust email marketing strategy to engage with users along their journey, improving conversions and retention


  • Growth workshop
  • Growth profiling
  • Paid social strategy + performance 
  • Linkedin ads remarketing 
  • Display ads remarketing
  • Email marketing 
  • Rapid experimentation + A/B testing
  • Hypothesis testing 
  • Growth hacking experiments

The Result

  • 70% reduction cost of acquisition 
  • 33% improvement in ROI 
  • 50% improvement in conversion rate

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